“Wisdom comes from experience, experience is often a result of lack of wisdom”

-Terry Pratchett

Software Developer and owner of Jarrett Solutions Ltd, I’ve been developing software since I discovered the coding manual of the ZX Spectrum and things have kind of escalated since then.

Code Hoarding

Life as a software developer is probably not what most people think it is, many imagine coders as we are portrayed in films or series; sun-shy nerds sitting in darkened rooms hammering away at keyboards in a code trance creating the software that will change the world! Yeah not really,…

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Validating Classes using Data Annotations

We’ve been beefing up our validation routines recently as it became clear that we needed to add a lot more protection to our Validation Engines in our NetCore project. We use EFCore Code-First to generate our database in which we have a large number of Data Annotations such as: Our…

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Optional One to One Relationships in EFCore

My company is currently working on replacing our venerable WinForms application with a shinier ASP.Net MVC version and rather than just re-write everything as a slavish “lift and shift” approach, we’ve gone for the bolder approach of completely re-designing the whole thing from top to bottom. Cue buzzwords such as…

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Hello World

“Hello World!”, you’ll often see this chirpy piece of text in relation to computer programming and I think it’s highly appropriate that my first post on this blog is in keeping with that tradition, but where does this come from? Before I started to write this post I thought I…

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