BPMN For Architecture Diagrams

Some really interesting thoughts here from one of my colleagues about Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), this is one of those problems which I never realised I had, until I saw the answer.

Mountain Warehouse Tech


During my career, I’ve seen a lot of in-house diagrams that are used to explain the top-level architecture of large complex systems. Usually, by looking at them you can understand the main idea, but…:

  • They may be not super intuitive
  • 2 different diagrams made by different persons can use the same symbols (arrows, gear signs etc) in different ways

I think the main problem is that people don’t have a convention for a notation and existing ones like UML and IDEF0, DFD and others are designed to illustrate very specific parts of architecture, but not top-level flow.

It’s not the top problem of development, but seeing this issue in different places (even in big companies) I would like to introduce a tool that might be helpful. It is BPMN. In this article, I won’t do a full tutorial for the notation (there will be useful links at the end)…

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