BPMN For Architecture Diagrams

Originally posted on Mountain Warehouse Tech:
Intro During my career, I’ve seen a lot of in-house diagrams that are used to explain the top-level architecture of large complex systems. Usually, by looking at them you can understand the main idea, but…: They may be not super intuitive 2 different diagrams made by different persons can…

20 years on: Why co-location is no longer a requirement for Agile

How many times have you heard someone tell you that co-location and face-to-face interaction are some of the most important features of Agile? I’m guessing the answer is: A Lot. Agile has 12 central tenets, which can be read in less than 60 seconds, this is the Agile Manifesto, the only tenet one that refersContinue reading “20 years on: Why co-location is no longer a requirement for Agile”

Validating Classes using Data Annotations

We’ve been beefing up our validation routines recently as it became clear that we needed to add a lot more protection to our Validation Engines in our NetCore project. We use EFCore Code-First to generate our database in which we have a large number of Data Annotations such as: Our testers have started really gettingContinue reading “Validating Classes using Data Annotations”

Optional One to One Relationships in EFCore

My company is currently working on replacing our venerable WinForms application with a shinier ASP.Net MVC version and rather than just re-write everything as a slavish “lift and shift” approach, we’ve gone for the bolder approach of completely re-designing the whole thing from top to bottom. Cue buzzwords such as “Greenfield” and “Blue-sky thinking” etcContinue reading “Optional One to One Relationships in EFCore”